A staple of the Atlanta EDM community, Orphin (formerly known as Stranger Candy) remains untouched as one of the city’s top producers. With his innovative style of production and a lengthy history of songwriting, he has molded the direction of musical evolution in the South East. His industrious attitude, energetic performances and persistence stimulates and inspires audiences across the South East. Orphin (Alex Gresham), with direction and assistance from Robert Thorn, produces cutting-edge original songs and remixes alike to the industry for artists such as FloRida, Fabo (D4L), Nick Cannon ,Tk N’ Cash, DJ Luke Nasty, and RT3.

Original Productions such as “Leave” (Alex Gresham), “The way you make me feel” (Orphin Remix of Taylor Hewitt) and “Let’s Go High” (Orphin Remix of Fabo) have been featured across the globe on many stages and many TV programs alike. Whether it be Pop, Urban or even EDM, the consistency and quality of music has brought Orphin to the front lines of requested remixes

Following what seemed to be nothing more than an exciting stream of collaborations, Orphin began to see a steady incline of notice from musicians across the world. His Original “Lets Go High” was being performed by famed artist Fabo across the U.S. and Japan solely to bring a unique and exciting twist to his usual hip-hop oriented sets. His remix of “What Do You” became the highlight of Taylor Hewitt’s performance at the convention “Playlist-Live” hosted for content creators across america. He has since, with his recent success, been sought after as a “go-to” remixer for many urban artists.

Orphin has also been a featured artist on radio stations, podcasts, and television programs. ranging from local to worldwide audiences! Notably, His most recent feature was on MTV’s Catfish featured for his persona and music as both Alex Gresham and his former branding “Stranger Candy”. Yet, his proficiency shines through his live performances on some of the biggest stages in North America at festivals such as Counterpoint, Tomorrowworld, and Imagine Music Festival

Orphin’s success in the south east and abroad is clearly due to the incredible support and guidance that his music receives from artists such as Fyer, Sunday Service, Sluggo, Pyramid Scheme, Leah Culver, Outrun and Robert Thorn to name a few. Orphin is taking 2017 by storm with plans to release his Self Titled EP featuring up and coming artists as well as a few big names. With the consistency of his remixes, constant developing style and support all around, it is no surprise why Orphins fan base is as broad and excited to see what he does next.





Label: Nimbus Universal Records


Manager: Robert Thorn III

Manager Contact: 562.704.8683